Smart Storage Ideas For Corner Kitchen Cabinets

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on storage ideas for corner kitchen cabinets. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and optimizing storage space is crucial for a functional and organized cooking area. Corner cabinets often pose a unique challenge, but fear not! We’ve gathered a variety of innovative and creative storage solutions to help you maximize every inch of your kitchen. From smart organizers to pull-out shelves, let’s explore the possibilities to transform your corner cabinets from wasted space to efficient storage hubs.

Creative Storage Ideas For Corner Kitchen Cabinets

Creative Storage Ideas For Corner Kitchen Cabinets
Creative Storage Ideas For Corner Kitchen Cabinets

Corner cabinets frequently end up with a black hollow for kitchen objects. It’s time to unlock their full potential with these brilliant storage solutions. Are you tired of struggling with those hard-to-reach items in your corner kitchen cabinets? If you want to optimize every inch of your kitchen space, we have the perfect solution for you! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into creative and innovative storage ideas specifically designed for those pesky corner cabinets. From smart rotating systems to pull-out drawers, we’ve got you covered. Say goodbye to wasted space and what’s up to a more prepared and efficient kitchen. Let’s explore the world of storage ideas for corner kitchen cabinets.

Lazy Susan Turntable

A Lazy Susan turntable is a classic solution for corner cabinets. These rotating platforms allow you to access items at the back of the cabinet with ease. By placing frequently used items on the turntable, you eliminate the need to dig through the cabinet, saving time and frustration.

Pull-Out Shelves

Pull-Out Shelves
                                                         (Image: Pull-Out Shelves)

Install pull-out shelves that slide out with ease, providing full access to the contents stored in the corner cabinets. These shelves make it simple to retrieve items, even from the deepest corners of the cabinet, without the need to bend or strain.

Diagonal Drawers

Diagonal drawers are custom-built to fit the triangular shape of corner cabinets. Those drawers maximize garage area and offer clean get right of entry to items. They are ideal for storing utensils, cutting boards, and baking sheets.

Swing-Out Trays

Swing-out trays are an excellent solution for utilizing the awkward space of corner cabinets. They provide ample storage for pots, pans, and cooking essentials while offering easy access when needed.

Corner Drawers

Corner Drawers
                                               (Image: Corner Drawers)

Corner drawers are an innovative and efficient way to make the most of your corner kitchen cabinets. These deep drawers are perfect for storing larger items such as mixing bowls, small appliances, and bulky cookware.

Corner Sink Tip-Out Tray

If your kitchen sink is located in the corner, consider adding a tip-out tray to store sponges, scrub brushes, and other cleaning supplies. This practical storage solution keeps the sink area neat and organized.

Wall-Mounted Hooks

Install wall-mounted hooks on the inside of the corner cabinet doors to hang measuring cups, pot holders, and oven mitts. This clever storage idea keeps frequently used items within reach.

Overhead Pot Rack

For those who love to cook, a pot rack installed above the corner cabinet is an excellent way to free up space inside the cabinet. Hanging pots and pans not only save space but also add a decorative element to your kitchen.

Corner Plate Rack

Corner Plate Rack
                                                          (Image: Corner Plate Rack)

Maximize your corner cabinet space by adding a corner plate rack. This allows you to store and display your beautiful dinnerware, making it both accessible and visually appealing.

Tiered Shelving

Utilize tiered shelving inside the corner cabinet to store canned goods, spices, and dry food items. The tiered design ensures nothing gets lost in the back of the cabinet.

Magnetic Knife Strip

Install a magnetic knife strip on the inside of the corner cabinet door to keep your knives organized and safely stored. This storage idea saves counter space and adds a touch of functionality to your kitchen.

Corner Wine Rack

If you are a wine enthusiast, a corner wine rack is an ideal way to store your favorite bottles. This stylish storage solution keeps your wine collection organized and easily accessible.

Corner Breakfast Nook

Transform your corner cabinet into a cozy breakfast nook by adding a built-in bench and table. This unique storage idea not only adds seating but also provides additional storage underneath the bench.

Corner Appliance Garage

Create an appliance garage in the corner cabinet to store small kitchen gadgets, such as blenders and toasters. This keeps your countertops clutter-free and maintains a streamlined appearance.

Corner Recycling Center

Corner Recycling Center
                                       (Image: Corner Recycling Center)

Turn your corner cabinet into an eco-friendly recycling center by installing pull-out bins for plastic, paper, and glass. This promotes recycling and keeps your kitchen organized and clean.

Pros & Cons of Storage Ideas For Corner Kitchen Cabinets


  • Maximized Space Utilization: Corner kitchen cabinet storage ideas allow you to make the most of the often underutilized corner spaces, providing valuable storage for various kitchen essentials.
  • Improved Accessibility: With solutions like Lazy Susan turntables and pull-out shelves, accessing items in the back of the corner cabinet becomes effortless, reducing the need to bend or reach awkwardly.
  • Enhanced Organization: These storage solutions help keep your kitchen organized, ensuring that everything has its designated place, and making meal preparation more efficient.
  • Personalization Options: Many storage solutions can be customized to fit your kitchen’s specific needs and dimensions, adding a personal touch to your kitchen design.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Certain storage ideas, such as corner plate racks and pot racks, not only offer practicality but also add visual interest and character to your kitchen.


  • Cost: Some custom storage solutions, like corner drawers or swing-out trays, can be more expensive to install compared to standard cabinets.
  • Limited Cabinet Size: Depending on the layout of your kitchen, corner cabinets may be smaller than regular ones, potentially limiting the storage capacity.
  • Access to Deep Corners: Despite the use of pull-out shelves or turntables, accessing items at the very back of the corner cabinet might still require some effort.
  • Installation Complexity: Certain storage solutions may require professional installation, adding to the overall cost and time required for the project.
  • Compatibility Issues: Not all storage ideas may be suitable for every kitchen layout, and some may not work well with certain cabinet styles or sizes.


Say goodbye to wasted corner cabinet space with these creative and practical storage ideas. Whether you’re looking for space for pots and pans, organizing spices, or creating a cozy breakfast nook, there’s a storage solution that will meet your needs. Utilize every inch of your kitchen efficiently and enjoy a clutter-free cooking space with these innovative storage ideas for corner kitchen cabinets.


1. Are Lazy Susan turntables only suitable for corner cabinets? 

No, Lazy Susan turntables can also be used in regular cabinets to improve accessibility and organization.

2. Can I install pull-out shelves myself? 

Yes, many pull-out shelves come with DIY installation kits and instructions for easy setup.

3. Are swing-out trays durable enough for heavy pots and pans? 

Yes, swing-out trays are designed to be sturdy and can hold heavier kitchen items.

4. How do I maintain a magnetic knife strip? 

Simply wipe the knife strip regularly with a damp cloth to remove dust and ensure proper magnetic grip.

5. Can I customize the corner drawers to fit my specific needs? 

Yes, corner drawers can be customized according to your kitchen’s dimensions and storage requirements.

6. Are there any safety considerations for installing a pot rack above the corner cabinet?

Yes, when installing a pot rack, make sure it is securely anchored to the wall and ceiling to avoid any accidents. Also, ensure that the weight capacity of the pot rack is suitable for the pots and pans you plan to hang.

7. What materials are commonly used for corner plate racks? 

Corner plate racks are often made from wood, metal, or wire. Wood racks offer a rustic charm, while metal and wire racks provide a more contemporary look.

8. Can corner breakfast nooks be used for storage other than seating? 

Absolutely! Corner breakfast nooks can have hidden storage beneath the bench, making it an excellent spot to store kitchen linens, tableware, or even cookbooks.

9. What is the ideal depth for a corner appliance garage? 

The ideal depth of a corner appliance garage should be sufficient to accommodate the height of your appliances. Typically, a depth of 18 to 24 inches (45 to 60 centimeters) is suitable.

10. How do I keep my corner recycling center odor-free? 

To prevent odors, make sure to empty the recycling bins regularly and clean them with mild soap and water. You can also use deodorizing discs or baking soda to absorb odors.

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